Hair Analysis Testimonies

When doctors say there is nothing wrong, yet you know something isn't right:

When medical doctors told me that everything about my body and bloodwork looked good, despite the fact that I was experiencing muscle cramping, stiffness, fatigue and pain in my legs and sometimes my arms, I was at a loss and had little hope. Julie stepped in with ideas that worked. Using Hair Analysis and her knowledge about nutrition and the body, she assessed each symptom and offered solutions that made sense AND were effective. She truly was my guardian angel in my time of desperation and now I feel awesome! Thank you, Julie!!

John Seyer, Loveland, CO

Improved digestion & energy, reduced pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness:

Hi Julie, I wanted to share with you some good news about what I think are some positive changes that have happened just since changing my protocol. Based on my hair analysis you recommended that I stop taking some of the products that I had been taking and take some that I wasn't. You also recommended that I increase my sodium intake (using sea salt) and potassium. It's only been two weeks since we met, but I was able to make most of the changes right away. I can tell that I don't have anywhere near the pain I had been having (pretty much all over my body) in my muscles and tissues. I also feel like some of the other issues I've been dealing with, like fatigue, inflammation, swelling and stiffness in my neck and ankles especially; and also some of my digestive issues are improved. It was obvious that I needed to make Enzymes my best friend (like you said) to help with absorption, and I've been doing that as well. The ZYTO scan also helped to bring everything into balance with all the different products, and it made me feel even more confidence about what I'm doing now. 

Thanks so much, Julie, for all your help! 
I appreciate what you did to help me with my own Vitamin/Mineral protocol. I think it's going to make a big difference in my overall health. I want my husband to do the hair analysis SOON and see what help you can also give him with his protocol. He's willing to do what it takes, so this would really help him to know what to take and what not to take.
Thanks again! Bobbye Hansen

More energy, less fatigue, easier to wake up in the morning:

After meeting Julie about 8 months ago and seeing 1sthand her expertise and knowledge about nutritional supplements and herbs, I decided to have her do a hair analysis for me. I am so grateful that I did. Julie was able to help me by suggesting a couple of additional supplements to my already great regime of supplements. I am now experiencing more energy, waking up easily in the morning and also no tiredness during the day. I am so grateful to Julie for her caring and expertise.

JoAnn Johnston

 More energy, weight loss, less inflammation: 

I am 90 For LIFE!!! I have been on my recommended protocol for several issues for over a year and a half now. I have not had the full results that I know are possible with this second- to-none product line! One of the greatest benefits with Youngevity are the people who you get to meet....... Julie Formby is brilliant, caring and wonderful at her business of serving others!! I recommend everyone get a Hair Anaylisis as I did! We found out I wasn't absorbing all the nutrients, and so she made the adjustments in my protocol of which the most important was to add the Ultimate Enzymes which are Dr Joel Wallach's claim to fame.....it's all about what you don't absorb!!! I now feel more energized, inflammation is reversing and my adrenal glands are being fed as I am losing weight! So I'm all about the Hair analysis to see what's really going on and then to make adjustments in your protocol or get on the right protocol from the beginning. Thank you Julie for your expertise and heart!
Jody Waterman

More energy, mental focus, better sleep, balanced emotions:

My hair analysis confirmed some nutritional imbalances I was aware of, but also revealed some I did not have knowledge of, enabling Julie to provide a supplemental regimen tailored specifically to my personal needs. After just the first month, I have had more energy & mental focus in the afternoons, have been sleeping better, and in general have been more even keeled. Julie is so great at what she does!

Dr. J.Z.