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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging

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Part VA: The Chemistry of Nutrition True or False? Meat has an alkaline pH. The correct answer is false; meat is alkaline when tested outside of the body, but when metabolized by the body, it is acid-forming. In Parts IVA & IVB of this blog series on aging, we talked about optimizing our digestion and how that is the fourth key to balancing our pH, thus slowing down the aging process. We learned that the best diet in the world can produce acid in our systems if we are not digesting our foods properly. Click Here If you didn't get your FREE quiz to determine which digestive enzymes may be r...

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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging

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Part IVB: The Chemistry of Digestion   Last time, we ended our discussion about The Chemistry of Digestion after learning that acid reflux is most often due to INSUFFICIENT stomach acid vs. over acid stomach. We discovered that undigested food leads to an acidic body chemistry, which increases our rate of aging and decreases our vitality.We also learned that this undigested food causes sets into motion a chain reaction:   DEFICIENT STOMACH ACID--> UNDIGESTED FOOD IN SMALL INTESTINE--> INFLAMMATION--> LEAKY GUT--> ALLERGIES--> AUTOIMMUNE   So, what is “leaky gut” e...

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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging


Part IVA: The Chemistry of Digestion In the previous installments of this series on aging, we learned that what speeds the aging process is also what impacts our health and vitality; it is the same recipe for both! The points that we have already covered related to this process are: 1) The Chemistry of Aging—an overview of pH balancing 2) The Chemistry of Stress—how stress affects our pH 3) The Chemistry of Oxygenation—the importance of oxygen to our body chemistry And now for the fourth point: The Chemistry of Digestion. In this modern age, we have been duped into believing that acid reflux i...

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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging

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Part III: The Chemistry of Oxygenation   What happens when you put a lid on a candle? Just as wood and a a heat will not start a fire in the absence of oxygen, our bodies need oxygen to spark the metabolic process (heat) of utilizing the food we eat (wood).If you requested your FREE Sleep Quiz from Part IIB: The Chemistry of Stress in this blog series, you likely discovered what is preventing you from getting the quality and quantity of sleep that you need to be healthy. We learned that in addition to managing stress through mindset and adapagenic herbs, sleep is yet another factor that i...

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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging

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Part IIB: The Chemistry of Stress   Adapotagenic herbs are helpful in reducing the effects of stress, but these herbs are no substitute for sleep! In Part IIA: The Chemistry of Stress we discovered the proper adaptagenic herbs for you, based on the unique make-up of your nervous system. This is one key to aid in stress management. Another key is sleep in proper quantity and quality.   Just as the sun, moon and seasons rotate in cycles, our bodies were created to keep a natural rhythm. By some, this is referred to as the Circadian Rhythm, and the principle behind it is that our bodies...

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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging

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Part IIA: The Chemistry of Stress Yes! You can actually reverse the aging process!  What I mean is that if you are aging more rapidly than is optimum, you can actually turn this around if you understand how to interpret and manage your urine and saliva pH.  In Part I: The Chemistry of Aging, we talked about how attaining and maintaining a balanced pH is crucial in slowing down or reversing the aging process.     So, let’s get started on the way to understanding the first of four factors that contributes to your body pH: STRESS!  Does the word itself cause your blood pr...

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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging

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Part I: The Chemistry of Aging Recently I taught this material in a seminar format with Dr. Lance Zimney of Life in Motion Chiropractic & Wellness. This is the first in a series of five teachings, each dealing with one aspect of holistic healthcare that will rapidly slow down or reverse the aging process. “How do we reverse the aging process?....we must return to a holistic, preventative lifestyle….we must get [balanced] where all nourishment and vitamins and minerals can be accepted by the body.” (Source: June M. Wiles, Choose Life or Death, Preface, p.10, Dr. Carey A. Reams with Cliff Du...

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Avoiding New Year Bugs

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Why is it that flu season hits every year around January & February?   Holistic practitioners blame sugar.  Afterall, only one teaspoon of sugar can depress your immune system for up to 8 hours, and it is consumed in mass quantities during the holidays, probably compromising our defenses for weeks at a time!  We all enter the New Year run-down and ripe for outside invaders to strike!  We've all done it-- overdone it on sugar!   So, in an effort to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong this season, make a pre-New Year's resolution to limit your sugar intak...

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What Causes Kidney Stones?

kidney stones

A friend recently asked me,"What causes kidney stones?" I thought you might be interested in the answer, so I decided to blog about it this month. Hope it can help someone today! Kidney stones are made from calcium being out of solution in the body. This happens when pH is acid and body has to pull calcium from bones to buffer these acids, then they are deposited in our kidneys.....lovely, huh? This is the same way that arthritis and gout occur. So, the solution is to balance your pH, which should be slightly acidic: urine 6.0-7.0 and saliva 6.5. Contact me to order your own pH test kit for $1...

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Let There Be Light!

light therapy

What do you think of when you hear the word "light?" Do you think of the difference between night and day? Do you feel warm and fuzzy, like when you can and soak in the warmth from the sun? A variety of thoughts and emotions may be conjured up by the thought of light, and all of them are likely to point to a truth about the principles and properties of light which were established from the beginning. It is interesting that light was brought into our physical realm on the first day of the biblical creation story, however, does that mean that light did not exist before that time? Consider t...

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A Land Flowing with Milk & Honey

goat milk

If G-d wanted His people to drink milk, why are so many people allergic to milk these days? Maybe I am the only person who thinks this way, but when I hear “a land flowing with milk and honey,” I think milk from cows and honey from bees.  While reading Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, The Chemistry of Man, I learned all of the nutritional benefits of goat milk… raw goat milk in particular.  It got me to thinking about how everyone and their brother seem to be lactose intolerant these days.  And how does that fit in with G-d’s promise to bless His people by taking them to a land that a...

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So, Where Do I Start?

Baby Steps

Everyone seems to have the answer to the question about how to be healthy and how to get there with the  least amount of effort.... drink this drink.... eat that food... do this exercise... take that supplement... buy this device... say that prayer.  It can be so confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming!  My suggestion is to start somewhere; it doesn't matter.  The way I look at it, if we make little changes on a consistent basis, then eventually we will get to where we want to be.  For instance, we teach our children to read in stages: first WE read TO them, poin...

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