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A Land Flowing with Milk & Honey

goat milkIf G-d wanted His people to drink milk, why are so many people allergic to milk these days? Maybe I am the only person who thinks this way, but when I hear “a land flowing with milk and honey,” I think milk from cows and honey from bees.  While reading Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, The Chemistry of Man, I learned all of the nutritional benefits of goat milk… raw goat milk in particular.  It got me to thinking about how everyone and their brother seem to be lactose intolerant these days.  And how does that fit in with G-d’s promise to bless His people by taking them to a land that abundantly produces this so-called allergen?  Well, it probably wasn’t cow milk that the Bible was talking about… It was probably goat and/ or sheep milk.  In fact, goat milk is what I would call a “Wonder Food.”

Here are a few of the benefits of raw goat milk:

  • The next best thing to mother’s milk for babies! Goat milk contains fat globules that are five times smaller than those of cow milk, which means that goat milk is easier on the liver and digestion.  Cows have larger livers than human babies, so they can process these larger fat globules.  Eczema, asthma, and other allergic reactions to dairy products can be prevented or resolved by simply substituting goat milk for cow milk.  Don't make enough milk for your baby?  Try this recipe for Goat Milk Baby Formula, complete with nutritional analysis.
  • High in calcium, which is necessary for healthy bones, teeth, and heart.
  • Higher in sodium than cow milk.  The lining of the stomach is made of sodium (not table salt sodium, but natural, organic sodium).  This aids in digestion through the production of hydrochloric acid.  Sodium is also beneficial for preventing and reversing arthritis, which results from calcium being “out of solution” in the body.  Sodium keeps calcium floating vs. deposited in your joints!
  • High in carbon, which is good for maintaining lean muscle vs. fat and in processing sugars in the body.
  • High in iron, which is good for the blood and liver.
  • High in iodine, which is good for the thyroid, reproduction, balancing emotions (ADHD), and metabolism.
  • High in fluorine (in its natural, organic form—not the kind you find in toothpaste!), which helps to build healthy bones and teeth.
  • High in chlorine, which aids kidney function and the cleansing of the body.
  • Goat milk is high in oxygen, which means that it is not acid-producing in the body as is cow milk.  This means that you can drink your milk and maintain a healthier pH in your body!
  • High in magnesium, which is good for calming the nerves and promoting bowel activity and detoxification.
  • High in phosphorus, which is good for the brain and nervous system.  It also helps with balancing calcium and pH.
  • High in potassium, which also alkalizes the body, helping with arthritis.  Potassium is necessary for proper heart and kidney function as well.

For even more about The Benefits of Biblical Foods including cultured dairy products, check out the eBook from my Back to Biblical Health for Women teaching series.

So what about that nasty, goat hair taste?  Actually RAW goat milk is almost indistinguishable from cow milk.  Pasteurization is what gives goat milk that disgusting odor and aftertaste!  And a slight taste should not outweigh the health benefits.  People who drink goat milk say that cow milk has an aftertaste as well.  It is just what you are accustomed to, I guess!  After all, over 60% of the world population drinks goat milk-- I would guess that the other 40% are Americans who love their cow milk!  Still can’t hack the taste, even with raw goat milk?  Try it in capsules.  Mt. Capra has a solution for you.  

So, drink your goat milk and feed all of your organs and systems, while helping to balance your pH and gain better health!

L’chaim- To Life!

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