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Choose Life or Death

Dr. Carey ReamsRecently while on vacation with my husband, I had some time for leisure reading. Being the health geek that I am, I picked up my copy of Choose Life or Death by Dr. Carey A. Reams. This man has been one of my heroes since the time I learned about him and his Biological Terrain Analysis (RBTI) equation during my training as a Master Herbalist. After reading his book, I have an even greater respect for this brilliant mathematician and man of G-d! Through this book, I learned some fascinating facts that explain the science behind biblical truths and how we were created. Did you know that:

  • The electrons in the cells of animals rotate in the opposite direction from those in humans? This is why animals (and vines too) are low to the ground, walking on all fours, while humans (and trees) are upright. (Source: p.39)
  • Man has the highest frequency of all living beings? This is why he requires the most complex diet. Dr. Bernard Jensen agrees with this concept, encouraging the consumption of higher forms of vitamins and minerals such as plants and animals vs. lower forms of vitamins and minerals alone. (Source: p.48)

  • Unclean meats take only 3 hours for the body to digest vs. 18 hours for clean meats? This causes an excessive amount of heat in the body, which creates a sort of “short circuit.” (Source: p. 104)
  • Hatred prevents the liver from taking in oxygen, which eventually leads to a decrease in energy in the body? When we don’t have enough energy to maintain life, we die. Singing, by contrast, increases oxygen in the body. (Source: p. 71)

Dr. Reams spent over 35 years developing an equation for optimum soil conditions for maximum agricultural productivity. He later adapted this equation to the human body, because according to Genesis (Breishit), we ourselves are made from soil! In fact, his adaptation of this equation is something that he gives all of the credit to G-d for because it is based on laws that have been in operation since the very beginning of creation. And it was through seven days of prayer and fasting for a young patient suffering from severe epilepsy that G-d revealed to Dr. Reams how to apply this equation to humans. Biological Terrain Analysis (RBTI) reveals the optimum balance for the body, and when managed properly through diet and supplementation, the aging process can be slowed down and health can be restored.

I have seen amazing results from utilizing Reams Analysis (RBTI) with my clients as well. One client suffered from daily migraines, and after spending tens of thousands of dollars on CT scans, MRI’s, blood tests, and other medical treatments, the doctors could find nothing wrong. This little boy was sent home and given a pill to take. By working to balance his RBTI numbers through dietary changes, this little boy is now headache free—except when he decides to celebrate with too many sugary foods at one time! Incidentally, Dr. Reams found that managing urinary sugars is the key to weight loss, so monitoring the Reams equation is beneficial if you want to shed excess pounds. There are many other insights and benefits that can be gleaned from this analysis!

Biological Terrain Analysis (RBTI) is a modality that I incorporate into every client consultation. I also offer this analysis separately, with special pricing for a series of 4 analyses.

Click Here for pricing and to schedule your RBTI Analysis.

L'chaim-- To Life!


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