fat v muscle2I am a skeptic! I read about weight loss products that burn fat, and I immediately have all of these contentions:


I have written about the concept of HEALTH GAIN vs. WEIGHT LOSS before with the focus being on:


Well, now I am going to talk even more about thermogenesis as it relates to an excellent weight loss product that I have only recently discovered. This excellent herbal weight loss product contains the following fat-burning ingredients: 


This product is best used along with base-level nutritional support containing all of the 90 essential nutrients that our bodies need every day. Many weight loss programs focus on depriving the body of both calories and nutrients which result in only temporary weight loss and lowered metabolism. However, by giving the body the nutrients that it craves, appetite is curbed, hunger subsides, and metabolism remains high. Plus, this herbal/ amino acid combination weight loss product works by stimulating an increase in your body's own production of hCG-- not to be confused with the hCG diet, which uses human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) from pregnant horses and human women (yuck!). hCG is produced during pregnancy to allow the mother to continue to nourish the baby in the event of a food shortage by converting fat stores to energy. Naturally stimulating the production of this hormone while not pregnant results in fat burning, especially around your belly!


So, does it work? I thought I would give it a try myself. In 10 days, I lost 4 pounds, but my clothing (especially my pants) felt quite a bit looser, so I took my measurements, and I was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED to find that I had lost over 24 inches!! IT REALLY WORKS! The average weight loss is 1/2-1 pound per day. So, now I am telling all of my friends, family, and clients about this amazing product. Plus, there is plenty of support along the way in the form of support groups and additional resources available to those who sign up during the months of February or March 2015:



Want to be “beach ready” for Spring Break? Pick your program: 3-weeks to lose 10-20 pounds or 6-weeks to lose 20-50 pounds. Both programs provide base-level nutrition PLUS weight loss!


L’chaim-- To Life!



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