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Let There Be Light!

light therapyWhat do you think of when you hear the word "light?" Do you think of the difference between night and day? Do you feel warm and fuzzy, like when you can and soak in the warmth from the sun? A variety of thoughts and emotions may be conjured up by the thought of light, and all of them are likely to point to a truth about the principles and properties of light which were established from the beginning. It is interesting that light was brought into our physical realm on the first day of the biblical creation story, however, does that mean that light did not exist before that time? Consider this: if Yeshua (Jesus) proclaimed to be "the Light of the world," and He exists from eternity to eternity, with no beginning and no end, as One with the Father, then light has always existed, even when we cannot see it!  

With the aid of a prism, we are able to see the variety of colors of light that compose what we normally perceive as simple brightness. When the light is refracted or bent by the prism, only then are we able to see that the brightness is so much more! To take it a step further, with modern technology, researchers have discovered that different frequencies or colors of light have varied healing effects on the body.  Doctors are using high-intensity light of varying colors on affected areas of patients to heal and repair damage done by heart attacks, Alzheimer's, acne, etc. Dr. Harry T. Whelan who is a professor of neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin expresses the amazing properties and application of light therapy in this way: "It represents a quantum leap in medicine. It's a change from the standard medical models of drugs and surgery, where you are basically either poisoning or cutting the patient."

Light is a non-invasive therapy that works on human tissue at the cellular level. Near infrared light is a long wavelength light that is invisible to the human eye, yet it can penetrate deeply into human tissue. Dr. Whelan has used it to treat oral sores associated with radiation and chemotherapy. Researchers are finding that this frequency of light is effective in stimulating retinal cells in the eye leading to the reversal of blindness, and it can help reduce the severity of the aftereffects of heart attack by up to 50%.

Red light has been found effective in reversing the effects of aging, including the removal of certain pre-cancerous skin cells without scarring. It works by stimulating the production of collagen and reducing inflammation, and like blue light, it kills bacteria. Combining red and blue light is a revolutionary treatment for acne.

Aside from its anti-bacterial properties, blue light is the frequency that is most effective at counteracting seasonal affective disorder. Interestingly, blue light can increase alertness and fight insomnia while at the same time helping Alzheimer's patients sleep through the night.

Ultraviolet light sterilizes against viruses and bacteria.  We saw the use of ultraviolet light as a sterlizer in Japan at the Kyiomizu shrine in Kyoto. Visitors use and re-use long-handled ladles to catch fresh spring water and drink right from the ladle. Used ladles are then placed in an ultraviolet chamber where they are sterilized and ready to use by the next visitor. In fact, ultraviolet light is even being used in New York City water treatment plants!

Fascinated by the amazing healing power of light? Learn even more including about the effect of color on our health from my eBook called Let There Be Light!

The ELFLabs Light Beam Generator utilizes light photons to detoxify the lymph system, reduce inflammation, speed healing, prevent the formation of scar tissue, break up existing scar tissue, and the list goes on. The Tour de France even team uses this technology to get their riders back on the road the very next day after crashes! It is no wonder that the "Great Physician" is also known as "The Light of the World!"

Respiratory issues (bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, pneumonia, croup)? Swelling? Pain? Skin issues? Scar tissue? Sports injuries? Contact me to schedule an appointment and to experience the health benefits of the amazing Light Beam Generator!

 L'chaim-- To Life!

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