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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Aging

Part IVB: The Chemistry of Digestion


leaky gut collage1Last time, we ended our discussion about The Chemistry of Digestion after learning that acid reflux is most often due to INSUFFICIENT stomach acid vs. over acid stomach. We discovered that undigested food leads to an acidic body chemistry, which increases our rate of aging and decreases our vitality.We also learned that this undigested food causes sets into motion a chain reaction:




So, what is “leaky gut” exactly? There are multiple causes, besides deficient stomach acid, but the main point is that a leaky gut is an inflamed gut.  The cells in the wall of your small intestine normally have a 1-2 micron gap between, which allows digested foods in the form of NUTRIENTS TO pass from your small intestine into your blood stream. This is how it SHOULD be, however, with inflammation, that gap between cells increases to 200-300 microns. This allows larger particles, such as undigested foods, to pass into your blood stream. These proteins are not supposed to be there, so the body does what it was designed to do and marks them as foreign substances and begins to attack them. Histamines are released, and we manifest allergies. If this leakage is chronic, auto-antibodies are sent to the rescue, and as these particles sometimes closely resemble our own tissues, the auto-antibodies will attack our own bodies. This results in autoimmune disorders. Typically the weakest organ in a person’s body is the one that is attacked, such as an organ that is compromised due to injury or genetic defect.


Last time we learned that Prilosec further suppresses stomach acids, leading to bigger problems than acid reflux. So, what can be done about this if Prilosec is only making matters worse? Acid reflux leads to esophageal cancer, so we can’t ignore this bubbling effect in our stomachs. The solution is more stomach acid! Hard to believe, huh? But trust me, if your food is digesting properly due to sufficient stomach acid from enzymes, then it won’t be creeping up your throat! The real issue is finding the CORRECT enzyme for your SPECIFIC needs.


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You can also take away the guesswork by scheduling a biofeedback scan with me—biofeedback or biocommunication is like muscle testing, but MUCH faster and more efficient! Meanwhile, if you are of childbearing age, what I am about to tell you is very important for the health of your unborn children: one of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy baby is to get your own gut health in order. The gut health of the parents, particularly that of the mother, determines the gut health of the baby. Allergies (peanut, dairy, gluten, etc.), colic, candida (thrush, cradle cap, diaper rash, etc.), eczema, etc. are all tied to the gut health of the mother! And, if you think that prenatal vitamins, good nutrition, and breastfeeding are enough, you have been misled. Equally important as prenatal nutrition, PRE-PREGNANCY nutrition is key! The genetics of your baby are determined by your health PRIOR TO CONCEPTION.


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L'chaim-- To Life

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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Ag...
Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach to Ag...


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