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Under the Hood: The Mechanics of the Human Machine

Part 5A: What Is Your “Odometer Reading?”

Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis

Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail AnalysisDo you believe that lines and wrinkles on your face are inevitable as you age? Much like an odometer indicates the mileage driven in an automobile, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), lines on the face are an indicator of “wear and tear” on the Human Machine.  Ancient Chinese healers were not allowed to touch female patients, so they had to master the art of observation. Up until the 1940’s, doctors used tongue analysis to assess the health of patients. Much can be learned from observing the face, tongue and nails of a person.

Even Aristotle wrote a formal, systematic work about physiognomy, or face reading, but when I was first exposed to this ancient art, I was skeptical, thinking it to be primitive and even superstitious. After all, take a look around-- don't ALL older people have wrinkles? But you have to admit that there is a huge disparity between the faces of people of the same age, ie- some people seem to be more “road worn” than others!  As Americans, we tend to chalk this difference up to genetics or lifestyle choices such as sun exposure, substance abuse, and stress. While these factors may influence how quickly we age “biologically,” do you think it just may be possible that the face is actually a mirror that accurately reflects what is going on below the surface of the skin? 

Personally working through the process of testing the ancient practice of Chinese Face, Tongue and Nail Analysis, I looked at our modern scientific knowledge about the autonomic nervous system, which is split into two main branches: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for “fight or flight” by stimulating increased heart rate, blood flow, and blood sugar, while the parasympathetic nervous system calms the body by stimulating digestion and the flow of other bodily fluids such as saliva and tears. The autonomic nerve runs up and down the spine, with branches that connect organs and glands on one end to the eyes, face, and tongue on the other end. In chiropractics, we see that if the nerve between specific vertebrae is blocked, pinched, or otherwise obstructed, then that organ can be affected. Spinal subluxations can be directly traced to organ malfunctions such as constipation, bedwetting, hypertension, and even diabetes. If the communication pathway is impeded, then the organ or system is affected, AND.... if those nerves feed into the autonomic nerve, ending in the facial region, then doesn't it make sense that our faces would be affected as well? Strangely enough, even our hands, feet, and ears contain points that correspond to our organs. Reflexology, acupuncture, and auriculotherapy all depend upon these connections, and really, there is no mystery to how all of this works; it is simply the way we were created, and what a mercy it is!

Before the advent of modern medicine with x-rays, ultrasound and MRIs, how did ancient practitioners know what was wrong with the body?  Just as the indicators on the dashboard of a vehicle reflect how the various systems are operating, our faces reflect what is going on inside of our bodies:

  • Yellow sclera indicate liver issues; eyes and liver are connected in TCM.
  • Dark, depressions between the nose and under the eyes indicate low energy and vitality, specifically the adrenals; inner corner of cheek and adrenals are connected in TCM.
  • Swollen or puffy upper eyelids indicate excess gall bladder conditions.  Often cleansing the gall bladder and liver will reduce orbital congestion and reveal the browbone; gall bladder and upper eyelids are connected in TCM. 

All of the above mentioned facial features correspond to organs in the body, and when the organs are supported and nourished, markings on the face, tongue and nails of a person change in response.  You can actually appear younger and virtually turn back your “odometer” or biological clock by working on specific organ systems!  Check out my Pinterest board called "What Does a Face Say?" to learn more about this fascinating science!

Interested in seeing what Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis can reveal about your health as well as which herbs would be helpful to support your body and personal “anti-aging” program?  Get your personalized analysis today!

 L'chaim-- To Life!




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Under the Hood: The Mechanics of the Human Machine
Under the Hood: The Mechanics of the Human Machine


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