you are what you eat “You are what you eat” is a familiar phrase to all of us, and while this statement is certainly true, “You are what you absorb” is even more accurate! Think about it, not only do we absorb sunlight through our skin which promotes the conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol to Vitamin D, but we soak up toxins that are applied to our skin in the form of cosmetics, lotions, soaps, perfumes, and even cleaning supplies that can poison our bodies. On the positive side, our small intestines are naturally equipped to absorb important nutrients from the foods we eat. But absorption and assimilation of nutrients are affected by several factors that, when optimized, increase your body’s ability to transform raw materials into energy and the building blocks for life. These factors include:

1. Digestive Health


“We are in the infancy of understanding what to do. People who are making claims about what to do are doing so without evidence.” (1)


Celiac disease creates a smooth, slick small intestine where villi are scarred and unable to absorb nutrients. Often celiac sufferers are also plagued with eczema and other skin disorders-- eczema on the skin points to eczema in the gut as well, complete with cracking and oozing sores. The gut MUST be healed in order for proper absorption to take place. Read more here about how to heal your gut.


For decades now, brilliant doctors such as Joel WallachRoyal LeeBernard JensenWeston A. PriceNatasha Campbell-McBridePeter Glidden, and many others have understood the deleterious, inflammatory effects of a “white trash” diet on human health, and that by adjusting the nutritional lifestyle of their patients, they have seen not only “leaky gut” resolved but also other serious gastrointestinal disorders such as celiac, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, GERD, etc. The protocol fluctuates by person due to bio-individuality and various degrees of degeneration. What works for one person may not work for another person or may need to be slightly “tweaked” for effectiveness, but one thing is for sure: modern, processed foods wreak havoc on gut health.


Caffeine is also known to block mineral absorption and accelerate excretion from the body. So, in cases of adrenal fatigue, anxiety, or extreme stress when minerals are being more rapidly utilized, caffeine can add insult to injury. Sugar also accelerates the excretion of nutrients from the body, leading to nutrient depletion.


Thorough chewing of food (at least 20 times) before swallowing increases enzyme production to aid in digestion. Digestive bitters in the form of herbs (or a salad of mixed greens) also stimulate the production of enzymes. And if you are still deficient in digestive enzymes, which will be evidenced by gas, bloating, acid reflux, mineral imbalances as measured by Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, then supplementation may be in order. Click here to find out which enzyme is right for you.


2. Proper Supplementation

I began my journey as a Nutritional Consultant believing that adequate nutrition could be obtained from food alone. While I firmly believe that the type and quality of foods that we eat are very important factors for health, I have become convinced that in today’s modern world food alone is not sufficient; we need to supplement with additional nutrients EVERY DAY! Why? Aside from compromised absorption due to poor digestive health, there are several more reasons:


“Colloidal minerals exhibit properties that enhance absorption.  Principles of biochemistry support the view that colloidal minerals may be more bioavailable than minerals in solid supplement or food forms.” -- By Yvette R. Schlussel, Ph.D. (2)


Colloids are nanoparticles that are able to easily penetrate the cells of our bodies. They are so tiny that they can be suspended in water, making them very easily absorbed.


“Supplementation with minerals has been shown to improve the nutritional status and/or lower risk factors among patients with arthritis, diabetes, cancer, anorexia, and hypertension.” -- By Yvette R. Schlussel, Ph.D. (3)


Supplement manufacturers often make bold claims about how their products offer a specific absorption rate, but as you can see, such claims cannot be substantiated; there are too many factors related to form of nutrients and bioindividuality to allow dogmatic statements. But one thing is certain: Our bodies require 90 essential nutrients every day for maintenance, prevention and reversal of disease. Ask me how I can help you find the right supplements for your body based on your personal mineral balance!

 L’chaim-- To Life!