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Youngevity Product Comparison Chart-- COMING SOON!

  • Which YGY products are available for each body system?
  • What are the differences between similar YGY products?


YGY Product Facts


    ASAP Weight Loss Program

    • Healthy Body Challenge-- This website features a moderate diet plan to go along with the supplements in your Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak 2.0 (3 meals per day, around 1200 calories).
    • ASAP Slim Center-- This website features a more stringent plan (2 meals per day, around 500 calories), designed to encourage your body to release 1/2-1 pound per day. Be sure to download the resources from this page, including weight release and measurement tracking logs (under Success Tips).


    NOTE: On either plan, you may increase your intake of vegetables and proteins in order to increase satiety, but most people find that they feel satisfied through taking the nutritional supplements alone.

    • ASAP University-- COMING SOON!-- Daily emails will include encouragement, education, recipes & resources for those using ASAP. Find out why people get "stuck" and how to break through to the next level on your weight loss journey. Contact me to sign up.

    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

    • How well are your Youngevity supplements working?
    • Still having issues even though you are taking a recommended protocol?
    • Where do you need to "tweak" your protocol to get things running better?
    • Are you absorbing and assimilating your supplements?

    joann johnston


    Weekly Healthy Living Call with JoAnn Johnston

    Fridays at 12:30pm MST 


    PIN: 355169#



    • 09.04.15-- audio  AJ Lanigan on Beta Glucan
    • 09.11.15-- audio  Brenda Wright on Essential Oils
    • 10.02.15-- audio  Ben Fuchs on Women's Hormone Health
    • 10.09.15-- audio  Julie Formby: Part 1 on Cold & Flu Season-- prevention, remedies & vaccines. 
    • 10.23.15-- audio Julie  Formby: Part 2 on Cold & Flue season-- prevention, remedies, vaccines & homepathics

    blake graham todd smith

    Blake Graham & Todd Smith Product Training

    Tuesdays: Live Webinars 9:15pm MST (scroll to bottom of page for link). Archived recordings are also available.


    90+4 Healthy Body Challenge Self Evaluation Tool

    dr wallach

    Dr. Wallach's Online Health Survey

    Fill out this questionnaire to determine the correct protocol for yourself and others

    dr glidden

    Dr. Glidden Radio Show Archives (Fire Your MD Now)

    In the search bar, type in any health condition. Then copy and paste the link for the video you want into an email along with the time signature and short synopsis about that particular issue. Email to friends and family.


    This is a great way to share "health advice" with others "without practicing medicine without a license." Train your team to do this so that they can be self-sufficient and learn the products on their own: "Teach them to fish."

    10 Good Foods/ 10 Bad Foods-- don't forget to cut out processed and excess sugars!

    conference calls

    Weekly Calls/ Webinars

    Product & Business Training, including archives of past calls

    • Sign up for daily text notifications before each call. Text Linda Tyler "Please add me to group" at 443-864-9637. She will add you to a group text through which you will receive the notifications for daily calls from this number: 716-780-4145.