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  • Business Training Mentors-- Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza, Scott Fardulis, Paul Kroto, Pitcock Marketing Group, etc.
  • Masters of Enrollment-- Tom Chenault training videos, audios, written materials, etc.
  • Product Training Resources-- answers to detailed product, sourcing & formulation questions; health & product calls, protocols, tools to help you reach the next level of health
  • Weekly Calls/ Webinars-- product & business training, including archives of past calls
    • Sign up for daily text notifications before each call. Text Linda Tyler "Please add me to group" at 443-864-9637. She will add you to a group text through which you will receive the notifications for daily calls from this number: 716-780-4145.
  • YTeamTools-- books, CDs, health assessment tools, etc.
  • Training Guide-- courtesy of Tamara Seyer. Go over this with newly sponsored distributors to get them started right. Dream, Contact List, Invite Scripts, Rank Advancement


Product Formulation Questions

Richard Renton
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Check out "YGY Product Facts" on this page first to see if you can find an answer to your question(s).

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