New Vitality inspires you to take charge of your health

Your New Vitality is an alternative healthcare practice with a biblical focus which incorporates a variety of modalities to assess and address health-related concerns and issues for the whole family.  Just as diet and exercise or chiropractics and massage therapy work together, a combination of synergistic techniques can maximize health benefits.  Safe, gentle, and non-invasive techniques are designed to address the root causes of imbalances and to cooperate with the body in the healing process vs. using force or masking symptoms through pharmaceuticals.

Below you will find a brief introduction to some of the services available:

EVOX Perception Reframing evox logo

New Client Session (1 hr.): $50 (Remote Session: $55)

Follow-up Session: $50 for 1 hr.; $25 for 1/2 hr. (Remote Session: $55 for 1 hr.; $30 for 1/2 hr.)

EVOX Perception Reframing (1 hr.)


Our words are powerful, and they can bring healing or pain to ourselves and those around us.  Our words reveal what is going on internally.  ZYTO EVOX Perception Reframing in combination with Bach Flower Essences and Aromatherapy are used to assist the emotions toward balance.  


  • repeated negative behavior
  • weight problems
  • addictions
  • work or athletic performance
  • relationship problems
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • chronic pain


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