Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Initial Analysis + customized protocol: $90 (45 minutes) *in-person only

Follow-up Analysis + customized protocol: $75 (45 minutes) *in-person only

Live Blood Analysis


Seeing is believing! Live & Dry Blood Analysis is a quick and simple method used to get an immediate picture of your health at a cellular level. With just one drop of blood from a finger prick, a multitude of lifestyle and environmental factors can be assessed and solutions offered to support:
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Kidney, liver & bowel health
  • Adrenal health
  • Proper hydration at a cellular level
  • Cellular charge & vitality
  • Oxygenation
  • Digestion & assimilation of fats and proteins
  • Removal of parasites & fungus
  • Immune function


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eBooks & Seminars

CONTACT ME to give a LIVE healthy presentation on any of the following topics to your group!

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 beat the bug4


Hormones Menopause Hot Flashes PMS



  A Clean House Principles of Cleansing & Detox

The Lazy Housewife Cookbook



 Homemade Herbal Remedies & Household Products

Preventing & Fighting Cancer Holistically   pumkin soup
 get that monkey off your back    aging corp3



The Mechanics of the Human Machine  

Under the Hood:

The Mechanics of the Human Machine





 Optimize Your Energy  

Optimize Your Energy: Energize Your Life!

Offered in partnership with Certified Holistic Health Coach Mollie Freeman of LifeSong Nutrition


  • Are you tired of waking up tired?
  • Are you sick of that afternoon energy slump?
  • Want more energy for the things you love?




5 Keys to Health & Youth  

5 Keys to Health & Youth

  • Want more energy?
  • Feeling more aches & pains than a year ago?
  • Want to prevent & reverse physical signs of aging?

It IS possible!  Learn 5 simple keys to:

  • Look & feel your best now
  • Improve your health immediately
  • Avoid preventable illness & disease
  • Secure long-term wellness & vitality




 Sugar Blues Workshop  

Sugar Blues:

Kick Your Sugar Habit for Good

Offered in partnership with Certified Holistic Health Coach Mollie Freeman of LifeSong Nutrition

Learn about the chemistry of sugar addiction & gain tools to overcome those cravings permanently!




Corporate Wellness  

 Workplace Wellness

In 2009, IBM reduced their healthcare expenditures by 15% by implementing corporate wellness programs.  Not only are healthcare expenses reduced through taking a proactive, preventive approach to healthcare, but businesses that focus on employee health education also experience the following benefits:

  • increased employee productivity
  • reduced employee absenteeism due to illness
  • improved corporate environment/ culture and employee relationships
  • diminished stress, which means fewer "personal days" required by employees


So, the point is: the overall health of employees either positively or negatively impacts the bottom line of businesses.


Common business mistakes  


Learn From My Mistakes


  • Starting a business?
  • Already in business?
  • Struggling?


Business ownership involves more than hanging out a sign that says "Open for Business!"  It also involves more than hard work and good people skills.

  • Stop spinning your wheels & learn to work smarter
  • Hear about what worked for me as well as what didn't work and WHY!!
  • Learn about a host of low-cost or FREE tools for the small business owner that will make life simpler
  • Learn proven techniques for attracting new clients and building a solid reputation in the community




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Package Deals

3-Month Group Program with Mollie & Julie


Biological Terrain (RBTI) Analysis

$50 per test -OR- $100 for a 4-pack analysis series (4 weekly analyses to monitor your progress)

Biological Terrain RBTI

Biological Terrain Analysis or Reams Testing (RBTI) utilizes an equation developed by Dr. Carey Reams to determine the rate of aging and other important information about the function of various organs and systems including:

  • pancreas
  • kidneys
  • heart

Any imbalance in this equation stresses our organs, thus leading to disease and accelerated aging.


Biological Terrain (RBTI) Analysis

Biological Terrain (RBTI) Analysis

$50 per test -OR- $150 for a 4-pack analysis series (4 weekly analyses to monitor your progress) *in-person only

Biological Terrain (RBTI) Analysis

Biological Terrain RBTIDr. Carey Reams was a brilliant chemical engineer, mathematician, biochemist, and minister who was born early in the 20th century.  He and Dr. A.F. Beddoe, a dental surgeon who loved agriculture, understood that:

"Healthy and high energy soil can have more effects on the health of humanity, than all the medical institutions that will ever exist." 

These men wanted their research and discoveries to be shared with everyone.


The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) or Optimum Standard Equation is used to analyze the urine and saliva of an individual.  Measurements are taken to determine:

    • Brix (carbohydrate/ sugar metabolism)
    • Resistance (speed of energy movement in the cells of the body/ pH)
    • Conductivity (electrolytes/ minerals/ salts)
    • Albumin (cellular debris/ longevity)
    • Ureas (protein metabolism)

These numbers tell how well the body is functioning on many levels, including how quickly the body is aging. 

Changes in diet and supplementation can alter these numbers, thus either slowing down or speeding up the aging process.  Just as we test the soil to deterimine how healthy it is for growing food, we can assess the health of our bodies by taking the measurements utiilized in RBTI.  Health is attained through a proper balance of these numbers. 

The perfect numbers according to Dr. Reams are:   1.5     6.4/6.4     6-7 C     .04M      3/3

The first two numbers (brix and pH) determine energy going into the body.  The third number (conductivity) and fifth number (ureas) determine energy going out of the body.  The difference between these two sets of numbers is used to determine the speed of the aging process. The fourth number (albumin) is also related to energy going out of the body, and it too tells how quickly the body is breaking down or aging; cell longevity is reflected in this measurement. This one equation is able to give us important information about how the pancreas, kidneys, and heart are functioning.  An imbalance stresses our organs, thus leading to disease and accelerated aging.

Nutritional counseling and herbal supplementation are utilized to assist clients to balance their Biological Terrain, thus attaining optimal health.

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Light Beam Generator 

$1 per minute (15-minute increments only)


This non-invasive technology is used by the Tour de France team to get their riders back on the road the very next day after a crash or injury. Different wavelengths of light have unique benefits to our bodies, and the light beams used by this technology are able to penetrate skin and tissue to open up the lymphatic system and other blockages or congestions, thus reducing inflammation to speed the healing process.


Cold gas, coherent, photonic energy powered by direct current pulses of energy with FM modulation can aid with:

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Removal of toxins, including acne

  • Limitation and inhibition of the development of viruses, fungus, and bacteria

  • Balancing the electromagnetic field of the body

  • Restoring a tranquil state in my body (1) User Manual: Action Lymphatics 2; ELF Labs Technology; 2013; p. 3



The benefits of the infrared technology on this device may include:

light therapy


  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of swelling & inflammation
  • Acceleration of wound healing, including after injury or surgery
  • Decrease in scar tissue
  • Enhanced cellular functions, including acute & chronic respiratory conditions (asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, croup, bronchitis, etc.)
  • Increased lymphatic activity (2) Ibid. p. 7.



  • Current pregnancy
  • A history of epilepsy or seizures
  • Pacemakers
  • Blood thinning medications
  • A known thrombosis (blood clots)
  • Hyperactive thyroid
  • Currently experiencing asthma symptoms
  • Current menstruation
  • Infrared light in the eye area should be done with eyelids closed (3) Ibid. p.22


Other Considerations:

  • It is important to be fully hydrated before and after using the Light Beam Generator in order to aid lymphatic drainage and waste removal from the body (4) Ibid. p.19
  • May experience nausea, dizziness, and/ or headaches as a result of using this technology (5) Ibid. p. 19


A Personal Note:  When my kids were younger, croup would run through our house like wildfire every winter, sometimes multiple times.  I cannot count the number of sleepless nights we had with having to do alternating steam treatments followed by bundling up to sit outside on the front porch in the freezing cold....all in an effort to open up bronchioles so the child could breathe and sleep.  This would go all night long for several nights, then the next kid would get it, so sometimes that cycle would equate to an entire month of sleeplessness, not to mention worry that the child would stop breathing altogether!  We tried other treatments too, including nebulizers to vaporize steroids, and sleeping in an upright position while holding a child.  The latter worked better than the former, by the way!  But the BEST treatment we found was the Light Beam Generator!!! I would not believe it if I had not experienced its effectiveness over and over again.  My health care practitioner at the time would put it on a lethargic crouping kid after the first night of fits of stridor, and the child would perk up, breathe easier and go skipping out of the office, never to have another episode.  Typically the second and third nights of croup are the worst, but not so when we used the Light Beam Generator-- bye-bye sleepless nights, hello peace of mind!  Try it for yourself!  It is amazing!


A Note from Collin Klein: Kansas State football player Collin Klein uses the Light Beam Generator all of the time for injuries, soreness, and swelling.  Stay tuned for his personal testimony about the results he has experienced with this amazing technology!

A Note from Sarah Mendez: Sarah has Cystic Fibrosis and uses the Light Beam Generator to facilitate easier breathing. 



Click Here  to go to the ELF Labs Light Beam Generator website

Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis

Face Reading

Chinese Physiognomy, commonly known as Face Reading, is documented as being used approximately 3,000 years ago. Face reading is the Chinese art of analyzing the different elements of a perso's face.  Each element corresponds to a different organ, sense and emotion. It also relates to a different season, process and transformation. An analysis of this nature may be used in the treatment of constitutional imbalances. It takes into account the shape of the following features of your face:

  • ears
  • forehead
  • eyebrows
  • eyes
  • cheeks
  • nose
  • mouth
  • chin


Tongue Analysis

Since ancient times, the Chinese have known that the tongue is a mirror that reflects all the inner organs and systems of the body. Tongue analysis is an important part of Chinese assessment. The overall tongue coating, shape, and color, and markings are taken into account.The tongue reflects the health of the internal organs and blood circulation. As your health changes, the condition of your tongue changes as well, and the color usually reflects chronic illness. Different areas of the tongue are believed to reflect the health of the different organ systems. If there is an unusual color, coating, and/or shape in a certain area, special attention is given to the corresponding organ system. A normal tongue is pink in color, medium thickness, has no cracks, ulcers, or teeth marks and has a light white coat on it.

free tongue online tongue analysis sample


Click on image for a FREE sample tongue analysis online!


Finger Nail Analysis

According to Chinese medical history, the nails are the transfer points for nutrients in the body. Blood will run through these specific meridian points of the nail body. The appearance of the nails allows us to assess physical deficiencies. It reflects chronic issues in the body. Healthy nails are translucent in color, show a pink hue with a white moon (lunula), except pinkie fingers.  The following characteristics are taken into consideration in Chinese Nail Analysis:

  • color
  • shape
  • curvature
  • strength
  • markings
  • texture
  • lunulae

Chinese Nail Analysis-- healthy nails



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Payment Options

Cash or Credit Cards -OR- PayPal (including BillMeLater-- see sidebar)



Appointment Type/ Service Options

In Person

Virtual / Remote
(from anywhere in the world)

New Client Holistic Health Assessment

$150 for 2 hours + a $15 deposit for New Client Paperwork, pH kit & postage when first appointment is scheduled

$155 for 2 hours;

$80 for 1 hour;

ZYTO hand cradle required

Follow-up Holistic Health Assessment

$75 for 1 hour

$80 for 1 hour;

$40 for ½ hour;


ZYTO hand cradle required

New Client EVOX Session

$50 for 1 hour

$55 for 1 hour;


ZYTO hand cradle* & headset  microphone required

Follow-up EVOX Session

$50 for 1 hour;

$25 for ½ hour

$55 for 1 hour;

$30 for ½ hour;

 ZYTO hand cradle* & headset microphone required

Light Beam Generator Session

$1 per minute;

15-minute increments only

Not Available

Biological Terrain (RBTI) Analysis

$50 for a full analysis

Not Available

4-pack Biological Terrain (RBTI) Analysis Series

$100 (4 weekly analyses to monitor progress)

Not Available

*hand cradles are available for rental for $25 per session.  Return postage is the responsibility of the client.

Family Pricing Options

family pricingHealthcare can be expensive, and alternative healthcare is no exception!  One of my goals is to make alternative healthcare affordable and attainable for families.  I offer 20% off on the initial consultation of successive family members.  Additionally, I set aside 1-2 hours per consultation, and if I finish early, then I can begin to assess another family member using the leftover time.  It may take more than one session to finish up with additional family members.  If you would like to purchase extra time beyond the alloted time for that session, I charge $15 per 15-minute increment. 

PayPal financing is also available

New Client Forms

To help me better address your health issues, there is REQUIRED paperwork for every new client. Please complete this paperwork ELECTRONICALLY, save a copy of the files on your computer, then email them to me as an attachment AT LEAST 2 days prior to your first appointment.  This will allow me to go over your paperwork ahead of time and therefore use your scheduled appointment time efficiently!  If you have had any labwork done within the last three months, I would also appreciate receiving it PRIOR to your appointment. 


Please contact me know if you have trouble accessing this paperwork, and I will email it or send it by US Postal Service.

Select the correct option below to download the proper New Client Forms for your upcoming appointment.


Holistic Health Assessment:

Download individually:

  1. New Client Waiver
  2. Personal Health Evaluation
  3. pH Chart
  4. Body Systems Questionnaire
  5. Chinese Element Type


-OR- Download ALL

Once you schedule an appointment a pH kit will be mailed to you so you can begin to record your pH. The cost for the pH kit is $12 including postage ($15 with paperwork, if you choose to have it mailed) and will need to be paid BEFORE shipment.


Note: You will need to monitor BOTH your urine AND your saliva pH AND complete a 6-day food diary.  Be sure to allow at least ONE week prior to your appointment to complete this data!


Ladies: pH testing CANNOT be done while menstruating, so please plan ahead to complete this data on time!


On the day of your appointment, please bring ANY supplements or medications that you take on a regular basis in the actual containers.


EVOX & Biological Terrain Testing:

New Client Waiver

Note: Biological Terrain Testing must be done 2 hours after eating.  Please take this into consideration when scheduling an appointment.

 Light Beam Generator:

New Client Waiver-- LBG

Missed Appointments & Cancellations

Reminder phone calls and/or emails will be issued several days before your appointment.


I appreciate a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Because I set aside 1-2 hours for New Client Appointments, I charge $150 for missed Nutritional Assessment Consultations and $50 for EVOX Sessions. There is a $75 fee for missed Follow-up Nutritional Health Assessments and a $30 fee for missed follow-up EVOX Sessions. 

Available Early 2013: Light Beam Generator missed sessions will be charged at a rate of $1 per minute, based on the 15 minute increment you chose at the time when you schedule your appointment.

Follow-up Appointments

If you choose to continue working with me to improve your health, there will be follow-up visits every 6-12 weeks, depending on your health concerns and how responsive your body is to changes made in nutritional habits.


The Road to New Vitality Click Here to see the "roadmap" I follow in working with clients to restore wellness & vitality.  This will give you an idea of what to expect, along with the process we will follow which will empower you to manage your own health.


Personal Records Release

In order to partner with other healthcare providers, it is sometimes helpful and necessary to share information about analyses performed, herbal and nutrtional recommendations made, and other client forms.  If you would like to have this information released to another provider, I must receive a signed copy of the following form: Personal Records Release