Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis

Face Reading

Chinese Physiognomy, commonly known as Face Reading, is documented as being used approximately 3,000 years ago. Face reading is the Chinese art of analyzing the different elements of a perso's face.  Each element corresponds to a different organ, sense and emotion. It also relates to a different season, process and transformation. An analysis of this nature may be used in the treatment of constitutional imbalances. It takes into account the shape of the following features of your face:

  • ears
  • forehead
  • eyebrows
  • eyes
  • cheeks
  • nose
  • mouth
  • chin


Tongue Analysis

Since ancient times, the Chinese have known that the tongue is a mirror that reflects all the inner organs and systems of the body. Tongue analysis is an important part of Chinese assessment. The overall tongue coating, shape, and color, and markings are taken into account.The tongue reflects the health of the internal organs and blood circulation. As your health changes, the condition of your tongue changes as well, and the color usually reflects chronic illness. Different areas of the tongue are believed to reflect the health of the different organ systems. If there is an unusual color, coating, and/or shape in a certain area, special attention is given to the corresponding organ system. A normal tongue is pink in color, medium thickness, has no cracks, ulcers, or teeth marks and has a light white coat on it.

free tongue online tongue analysis sample


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Finger Nail Analysis

According to Chinese medical history, the nails are the transfer points for nutrients in the body. Blood will run through these specific meridian points of the nail body. The appearance of the nails allows us to assess physical deficiencies. It reflects chronic issues in the body. Healthy nails are translucent in color, show a pink hue with a white moon (lunula), except pinkie fingers.  The following characteristics are taken into consideration in Chinese Nail Analysis:

  • color
  • shape
  • curvature
  • strength
  • markings
  • texture
  • lunulae

Chinese Nail Analysis-- healthy nails