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Tons of recipes for special dietary concerns including: grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-glycemic recipes.  (click the photo)

Many of these recipes contain coconut; read more about the benefits of coconut at this link: (will open a new tab)

Coconut Research Center

Interested in cultured or fermented foods?

They are rich in nutrients and beneficial bacteria that help to build healthy intestines, and healthy intestines mean a healthy body.  The best foods on earth will not benefit your body if you do not digest those foods! 

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Website Links

Check out these websites for detailed "how-to" instructions on making your own cultured foods:

Passionate Homemaking

Wild Fermentation


More Resources

For more information about making your own healthy household cleaning products,check out this resource!  Also, visit Deirdre Imus' website for additional ideas about "greening up" your home and lifestyle!

More recipes for homemade cleaning and personal care products can be found at Passionate Homemaking as well.


Herbal Medicine Chest & First Aid Kit

Re-vamp your medicine chest and first aid kit with herbal remedies that really work without the nasty side effects of their pharmaceutical substitutes!

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Homemade Herbal Tincture

How to Make an Herbal Tincture:

A tincture is 14 times stronger than an extract.  Pau d'Arco is wonderful for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and ant-viral properties.  It provides pain relief for all kinds of aches and pains including sore throats and arthritis.  It is even used to treat cancer due to its anti-tumor properties. I use it when we are fighting any illness.  I just started using it to treat an oozing sore on my dog as well-- the jury is still out on its effectiveness for animals.

Combine in a dark glass bottle, or one covered with foil or brown paper:

2 oz. bulk herbs or 1 oz. (25 capsules) of powdered herbs-- use one capsule per 25# of body weight for pets
4 oz. distilled water
1 T. glycerin
12 oz. 80 proof alcohol (vodka-- I just use the cheap stuff)

Shake well once a day for 14 days-- do not open the bottle during this time.  The longer it stands, the stronger it will be.

Strain out solids and administer 2 drops for every capsule under tongue or on pulse points, according to the dosage needed.

Download the PDF Here


How to Make an Herbal Extract:

Extracts are milder than tinctures and can be used internally or externally.  They tend to be sticky, however.  Demulcent herbs, those that tend to soften and soothe, tend to be made into extracts more often than into tinctures.  This recipe is for Herbal Calcium by Nature's Sunshine, which is great for teething babies, orthodontic pain relief, or for those who need extra calcium.

Combine in a dark glass bottle, or one covered with foil or brown paper:

4 oz. of dried herbs (50 capsules) or 8 oz. of fresh herbs

1 pint (2 cups) apple cider vinegar, alcohol, or glycerin

Let it sit for 5 days if using dried herbs or 15 days if using fresh herbs.  Shake once or twice daily.  Once opened, potency will cease to increase and be set. 

Strain through a cheesecloth or just skim off the top after allowing to settle for a few hours.

Use one dropperful per day to keep teething pain away!


How to Make an Herbal Salve:

You can use any herbs, depending on the desired effect, but this recipe is a replacement for anti-bacterial ointment (neosporin).  It can be used for the following conditions:

  • abrasions
  • bites/ stings
  • boils
  • blisters
  • cuts
  • infections
  • itching/ irritation
  • minor burns
  • rashes
  • sores
  • ulcerous conditions
  • wounds
  • chapped lips
  • cracked heals
  • torn cuticles
  • diaper rash
  • jock itch

Combine in a small jar with a tightly sealed lid:

The contents of four capsules of PLSII from Nature's Sunshine

1 T. of Golden Salve (also from Nature's Sunshine)

Spread on wound, allowing to dry and crack.  Then re-apply.  Will last forever!


How to Make an Herbal Bolus:

For yeast infections:

1)  Wrap a peeled clove of garlic in a small piece of cheese cloth, then tie SECURELY with a thread.  Insert into vagina overnight. 
WARNING:  Do NOT use an uncovered clove of garlic as the oil is VERY potent and may cause blistering!

2)  Use a needle and thread, and push through a peeled clove of garlic, then tie excess thread around the clove, leaving enough thread to dangle from vagina once inserted.  Dip clove into olive oil, then insert into vagina overnight.  May also be used rectally for infections or parasites. 
WARNING:  Do NOT use garlic without dipping into olive oil first as the garlic oil is VERY potent and may cause blistering!

For detox/ cleansing, hemorrhoids:

Combine the contents of several capsules of V-X by Nature's Sunshine with enough Golden Salve (both by Nature's Sunshine) or soft cocoa butter to make a thick paste.  Roll into long ropes about the diameter of a pencil, cut into one inch lengths (like Tootsie Rolls), then wrap individually in wax paper and refrigerate or freeze.  Insert one bolus into the vagina or rectum for detoxification/ hemorrhoids at bedtime and leave in overnight.