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Biological Terrain (RBTI) Analysis

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$50 per test -OR- $150 for a 4-pack analysis series (4 weekly analyses to monitor your progress) *in-person only


Dr. Carey Reams was a brilliant chemical engineer, mathematician, biochemist, and minister who was born early in the 20th century.  He and Dr. A.F. Beddoe, a dental surgeon who loved agriculture, understood that:

"Healthy and high energy soil can have more effects on the health of humanity, than all the medical institutions that will ever exist." 

These men wanted their research and discoveries to be shared with everyone.

The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) or Optimum Standard Equation is used to analyze the urine and saliva of an individual.  Measurements are taken to determine:

  • Brix (carbohydrate/ sugar metabolism)
  • Resistance (speed of energy movement in the cells of the body/ pH)
  • Conductivity (electrolytes/ minerals/ salts)
  • Albumin (cellular debris/ longevity)
  • Ureas (protein metabolism)

These numbers tell how well the body is functioning on many levels, including how quickly the body is aging. 

Changes in diet and supplementation can alter these numbers, thus either slowing down or speeding up the aging process.  Just as we test the soil to deterimine how healthy it is for growing food, we can assess the health of our bodies by taking the measurements utiilized in RBTI.  Health is attained through a proper balance of these numbers. 

The perfect numbers according to Dr. Reams are:   1.5     6.4/6.4     6-7 C     .04M      3/3

The first two numbers (brix and pH) determine energy going into the body.  The third number (conductivity) and fifth number (ureas) determine energy going out of the body.  The difference between these two sets of numbers is used to determine the speed of the aging process. The fourth number (albumin) is also related to energy going out of the body, and it too tells how quickly the body is breaking down or aging; cell longevity is reflected in this measurement. This one equation is able to give us important information about how the pancreas, kidneys, and heart are functioning.  An imbalance stresses our organs, thus leading to disease and accelerated aging.

Nutritional counseling and herbal supplementation are utilized to assist clients to balance their Biological Terrain, thus attaining optimal health.