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Product Facts

At Your New Vitality I recommend the highest quality nutritional supplements to support your body in the healing process.  Pharmaceuticals do not heal the body or grow new tissues.  On the contrary, herbs are able to restore innate function because herbs are food... and food is medicine (Hypocrites)! 

Read more below about the products I recommend and use in my practice, then CONTACT ME to make an appointment and find out the right combination of herbs for your body!

Cleansing & Detox

Soma Health

soma health

According to one of the world's leading microscopists Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD, daily use of EDTA cream is just as effective at cleansing the blood of polymers and heavy metals as a monthly IV infusion with EDTA. She collaborates with microscopists, practitioners and scientists from around the world to analyze, test and identify the chemical constituents of "artifacts" found in human blood and the shots. Soma Health offers an amazing EDTA cream called EZDtox that has produced amazing results in cleaning up the blood of my clients, as verified under the microscope with Live & Dry Blood Analysis. Enter coupon code julie for 10% off your orders HERE.


coseva logo new

The fellow practitioner who introduced me to this company says that the nanozeolite product from Coseva called Advanced TRS saved the lives of her and her family when they were suffering from Lyme Disease and black mold exposure. This is one of many products that I recommend to my clients for cleansing and detox.

HB Naturals

hb naturals

This company offers Black Seed Oil (also called Black Cumin Seed Oil or BSO) with the highest concentration of Thymoquinone I have been able to find: 3,000 mg/ dose. Read about the benefits of Black Seed Oil HERE. HB Naturals also offers an amazing Fulvic Acid product which aids in detox. Order products HERE.

Inspired Nutrition

inspired nutrition

This company offers some powerful products for those fighting chronic viral and/ or infections, including Lyme Disease and Epstein-Barr. They also have an amazing fibrolytic enzyme product called Bio-Fibrin which is beneficial for those battling blood disorders, including clotting and fibrous structures (fibrin, fibrinogen, etc.) and/ or fibrous growths such as fibroids and tumors. It also contains a kosher source of Serrapeptase made from bacteria grown on milk vs silk worms.

There are several products from this company that I recommend, including Blood Sugar Breakthrough for balancing blood sugar and the best magnesium product I have found called Magnesium Breakthrough, which contains the seven most important forms of magnesium for the body (vs only the cheap kinds that only end up in the toilet) to support your:

  • Heart & metabolic improvements (Magnesium Orotate)

  • Immune system & bone health (Magnesium Sucrosomial)

  • Heart - this is the best form (Magnesium Taurate)

  • Muscle & overall relaxation responses (Magnesium Bisglycinate)

  • Bioavailability of magnesium, best form (Magnesium Malate)

  • Muscles - building, recovery and overall health (Magnesium Chelate)

  • Metabolic health, including blood vessel health in overweight individuals (Magnesium Citrate)

Quicksilver Scientific


Many people with compromised health have trouble absorbing and getting maximum benefit from foods and supplements. Quicksilver's uniquely patented delivery system and liposomal forms of nutrients increase the bioavailability of many difficult-to-absorb ingredients. Their Glutahione is the gold standard in the supplement industry!

Standard Process

Standard Process

Medi Herb

sp vet products1

This company has offered quality, whole food supplements since 1929.  They are organic, harvested at peak ripeness, and processed expediently in order to retain maximum nutritional content.  Standard Process is among the finest supplements available, superior to retail, grocery store varieties, yet still affordably priced.  Click on the logos below to view a complete product listing of Standard Process products, including their MediHerb line.

Pre & Probiotics

body ecology logo

sedona labs


Probiotics provide a healthy intestinal lining which is necessary for digestion, assimilation, and even production of neurotransmitters.  Yes! Our intestines are important to our immunity and mental health!  Up to 70% of our immune function and 95% of our neurotransmitters are produced in the small intestine.  

Fermented and cultured products like those by Body Ecology contain millions of healthy bacteria which fight off infection and create a network of healthy intestinal lining.  These effervescent products are an alternative to pills and powders.  iFlora by Sedona Labs comes in potent pill or powder form. InflamX by Metagenics counteracts intestinal inflammation, thus allowing probiotics to do their job. Intrinsi B12-Folate is the best product I have been able to find for anemias and B12 deficiencies. It contains not only methylated forms of both vitamins but also intrinsic factor, which is necessary for the absorption of B12 in the small intestine. Most B12 deficiencies and anemias are related to an inability to produce this important glycoprotein in the stomach lining.

SilverSol Technology

American Biotech Labs SilverBioticsSuperior to colloidal and ionic silvers, ASAPHCP Health Max liquid and gel are composed of fine particles of silver which are suspended in deionized water with a resonant frequency that enables the product to act against pathogens without even coming into contact. SilverSol technology also acts by stealing multiple electrons (vs. only one electron like other products) from pathogens. Resonant frequency utilized by this technology, in combination with the other actions listed above work together to provide immune system support. ASAPHCP Health Max supplements by American Biotech Labs are synergistic with prescription medications, allowing your body's own natural defense system to work more efficiently, so they will not interfere with traditional medicine. This scientifically-tested product is available in a variety of strengths as a liquid (for internal or external use) as well as in a gel formula for topical use.

Doesn't silver make you blue (argyria)?  Not the new SilverSol nanotechnology!

Glandular Support


optimox logo

In simple terms, glandular imbalances are due to either an excess or deficiency of one more vitamins or minerals needed by those systems.  Each system has a dominant vitamin or mineral needed to function properly.  Correcting imbalances involves feeding these organs what they crave.  Nutri-West and Optimox provide some of the most potent products to support glandular systems such as the adrenals, thyroid, and other endocrine glands.