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8 Reasons Everyone Needs Brown Seaweed

8 Reaons Everyone Needs Brown SeaweedI absolutely LOVE herbs! They are so versatile and offer a variety of benefits that are unparalleled, especially when contrasted against pharmaceuticals the produce a plethora of side effects that must be managed by more pharmaceuticals creating a very vicious cycle from which it is very difficult to break free.

For thousands of years, people have been using seaweed in cosmetics, medicines, fertilizers, and food. In Japan, over 400 billion pounds of seaweed are consumed annually!! (1) To enjoy seaweed, you must first acquire a taste for it, but once you do, it is quite addictive! One of my favorite ways to enjoy seaweed is in sheet form, roasted with various spices and seasonings such as wasabi! Yummo! I can polish off an entire package at once-- it is savory and not filling.

Nearly 20 years ago, when my husband and I made our first trip to Japan, we chuckled at the peculiar ways of the people there. These traditions seemed superstitious and unfounded. But the more I learn about the Japanese diet and lifestyle choices, the more I understand why they are some of the healthiest people on earth. We are since come to appreciate their practices, and we incorporate them into our everyday lives: green tea, long hot baths, salad for breakfast, not drinking water with our meals, etc. And more recently, I have been learning about the benefits of brown seaweed.

During my schooling, I learned about kelp and red seaweeds, but brown seaweeds are new to me. Of particular interest are the health benefits of a sulfated polysaccharide (a multi-branched chain of sugars) called fucoidan in brown seaweed. If you search on PubMed, you will find thousands of articles about fucoidan, and so far, aside from this being a very nutrient-dense food, I have found at least EIGHT reasons why everyone needs brown seaweed. Fucoidan in brown seaweed:

1. Relieves allergies(2)

  • Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is a type of antibody that plays a major role in allergic diseases by binding allergens and triggering the release of substances that can cause inflammation leading to a cascade of allergic reaction. Fucoidan suppresses IgE production.

2. Protects the brain & nervous system(3), (4), (5)

  • Amyloid beta-protein is known to accumulate in the brain and cause damage associated with Alzheimer’s. Fucoicans block amyloid beta-protein damage and promotes clearance of this harmful compound.
  • Fucoidan may be useful therapeutically for prion diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob,mad cow and chronic wasting disease in animals.
  • Fucoidan mitigates brain damage caused by Parkinson’s disease.
  • Fucoidan prevents blood clots and is neuroprotective after a stroke, reducing ischemic damage.

3. Reduces inflammation(5), (6), (7)

  • The mucilant qualities of seaweed is soothing and healing to mucus membranes, including the esophagus, stomach, and intestines.
  • Fucoidan is effective in reducing inflammation associated with osteoarthritis as well as mitigating auto-immune forms or arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Fucoidan hydrates connective tissues such as cartilage as well as synovial fluids, promoting reduced pain and inflammation.

4. Is anti-microbial & immune-enhancing(8), (9), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14)

  • Fucoidan has been demonstrated to be protective against bacterial infections such as C. diff., H. pylori, staphylococcus, meningitis and
  • Effective in preventing and reducing the effects of various viruses including HIV, herpes, Dengue fever, and especially those of the respiratory system, including distemper in dogs and emphysema in humans.
  • Reduces the incidence of malaria.

5. Prevents & dissolves blood clots(15), (16)

  • Looking for a natural alternative to coumadin and other blood thinners such as Warfarin and Heparin? Work with your healthcare practitioner and try fucoidan instead. Fucoidan safely thins the viscosity of the blood to prevent excessive and dangerous clotting.

6. Stimulates stem cell production (17), (18), (19)

  • Fucoidan is a known stem cell mobilizer when delivered intravenously. It has also shown activity when delivered orally. Fucoidan is especially effective in promoting stem cell growth in bones. There is really no need for fetal stem cells when we have a plant-based compound like this!

7. Protects against radiation (20), (21)

  • Fucoidan promotes binding and excretion of radioactive materials from the body, thus protecting the body from toxicity due to radiation.

8. Prevents the formation and spread of cancer(22)

  • Fucoidan has been shown to increase apoptosis of cancers and decrease angiogenesis and metastasis of various cancers including prostate, breast, lung, bladder, liver, bone, blood, melanoma, and colon.
  • It inhibits vascularization of tumors and is synergistic with allopathic cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, even reducing toxicities due to these treatments.
  • Promotes macrophage action utilizing nitric oxide to kill cancer cells.


And if that’s not enough, here are even more reasons why everyone needs brown seaweed. As you can see, fucoidan is an amazing gift from the sea! Not only is it packed with nutrients, but it protects and reverses a wide variety of health conditions, including the “sea” word: CANCER. The low incidence of cancer in Japan is definitely related to the incorporation of seaweed in their daily diet, and of course, other healthy lifestyle choices! 130 million people can’t be wrong-- seaweed is good for you! This is why I have included it in my father’s anti-cancer protocol, along with the 90 essential nutrients necessary for health and wellness, plus Beta Glucan. Ask me where you can get the highest quality and concentration of fucoidan in supplement form as well as the other supplements mentioned here.  They have been life-changing for me and my clients. I would be happy to share story after story with you about the results I have seen.

Stay tuned for the next installment in my anti-cancer series of blogs. I hope you feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired to take charge of your own health. Don’t forget to download my eBook on Preventing & Fighting Cancer. It is FREE for a limited time.


L’chaim-- To Life!


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