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Liberty & Justice for All: Taking Back Your Health

constitution2Most of the time, I have a burning topic or issue in my heart that I am just itching to blog about, but life has been, well… a little crazy here at my house these last few weeks. If you are a parent, I’m sure you can relate to the end-of-the-school-year insanity! And if you have teenagers, you know that things can get even more hectic, running them here and there! We currently have THREE teenagers in the house, soon to be FOUR….and none of them are driving on their own yet, so that means that I have a side job as the “mom taxi,” which can be incredibly demanding and difficult to manage at times! But I LOVE this time in the car with my kids-- I have a captive audience (if I insist that they remove their headphones). I like to talk to them about what is going on in their lives as we drive from place to place, and they are old enough now that they even ask me what is going on in my life too! Wow! What a different phase in life from when they were younger!

So, about the blog topic…. In the midst of wrapping up the school year, I have been working on getting my tax records together for my accountant, all the while listening to the amazing, informative, biblically-based, and non-brand-specific Essential Oils Revolution Summit put on by Dr. Josh Axe featuring over 30 experts in natural healthcare. And I must say that I felt so encouraged, enthused and validated. I was encouraged that I am on the right track with my philosophies about health and what I teach my clients. I was enthused to learn new things about essential oils that I can incorporate into my practice to help my clients take charge of their health. I felt so validated that so-called “alternative medicine” is the real medicine, and “traditional medicine” is and adulteration that has replaced the original medicine that G-d gave to man in the beginning. Yes, I do believe that there is a time and a place for modern, allopathic medicine, particularly in trauma care; however, I do not believe that it is the answer to everyday healthcare needs. The side effects of pharmaceuticals are grievous and ruin lives every day. My father is a case in point: 20 years of NSAIDS under a doctor’s care for arthritic pain ruined his pancreas and kidneys. But glory be to our Creator that all things can be cured by His power! Through implementing a change in diet and herbs, my father’s scheduled dialysis port was never installed, he was removed from the transplant list, and today he enjoys between 25-45% kidney function when he began with only 10% in Stage IV kidney failure!

So, I want to encourage anyone out there who is struggling with a so-called “incurable” disease or a health issue about which the doctors or WebMD say, “No one is sure what causes this condition,” that there ARE answers, and NOTHING is incurable or irreversible! And essential oils are powerful! Here are a few of the tidbits that I gleaned from the Essential Oils Revolution Summit:

  • Ty Bollinger, author of Cancer: Step Outside the Box talked about the 1953 Fitzgerald Report which exposed how there is a conspiracy to suppress natural treatments for cancer-- this makes me so angry, but it just goes along with what I already know about cancer treatment being a money-making machine. Did you know that essential oils can even boost the effects of chemotherapy and alleviate symptoms associated with this treatment?
  • Sayer Ji of is adept at summarizing the data from medical studies, and he reported that there are over 80 citations in about the effectiveness of essential oils on MRSA. We diffuse a combination of these oils in our home on a regular basis, especially when there are heavy amounts of pathogens floating around.
  • Allison Huish, a registered dietician, had a brain tumor as a little girl. She had a majority of the tumor removed, and then the doctors wanted to administer radiation to her brain stem to get rid of what was left over after a 7 hour surgery. The doctors planned to watch the portion of the tumor that was left behind and remove it later on down the road. Allison’s brave mother refused the radiation and began to research essential oils on the internet, and she implemented what she learned. The doctors watched the tumor break apart and disappear over time, so Allison never needed another surgery, and she is still cancer-free as an adult! Any guesses about which oils her mother used? Frankincense (the “when in doubt” essential oil-- use it for EVERYTHING!), clove and sandalwood.
  • Dr. Axe shared his recipe for a detox bath for adrenal fatigue right before bedtime:
    • 10 drops of chamomile oil which reduces gastrointestinal inflammation
    • 10 drops of vetiver oil which is good for ADHD, Parkinson’s disease and other issues with the nervous system
    • 1 cup of Epsom salts

He also shared the story about how his mother has been able to remain cancer-free for decades now after two battles with breast cancer and allopathic treatments.

  • Dr. Robert Pappas PhD, founder of Essential Oil University and a world renowned expert on the molecular chemistry of essential oils, talked about the grading system he has developed to evaluate essential oils based on three components:
    1. GC/ MS (gas chromatography & mass spectrometry)-- chemistry
    2. Organoleptic qualities-- aroma
    3. Physical constants-- specific gravity, refractive index & optical rotation

His mission is to help educate the public free of charge about essential oils as well as to help protect people from being deceived and harmed by counterfeit and synthetic essential oils.

  • Jonathan Landsman of Natural Health 365 shared about the Fight to Preserve Our Right to Use Natural Remedies and the suppression of facts and contradictory evidence that vaccines are indeed linked to autism, especially in children of African-American descent, how the flu vaccine misses the boat year after year in effectiveness, yet Americans are scared, guilted, and coerced to vaccinate. This was an excellent talk that solidified my convictions about using natural remedies rather than pharmaceuticals whenever possible!

What an invigorating event, and I learned so much from each speaker! The best part for me was the biblical perspective and FREE eBooks that were offered for even more information. Sadly, I missed Jordan Rubin’s interview on Biblically-based Essential Oil Uses-- I plan to buy this recording. If you are interested in the biblical uses of essential oils as well as the modern science that backs them up, download my eBook called Healing Oils from my Back to Biblical Health for Women eBook series. I present this material and the 10 other topics in this series to women’s groups everywhere. Contact me to speak to your group! I would love to share with you about the timeless principles of health and healing from the Bible that bring liberty and justice for all! Preview a portion of the material by downloading my FREE introductory eBook.

L’chaim-- To Life!


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