Holistic healthcare encompasses much more than an office visit!

eBooks & Seminars:

I am a prolific researcher, educator, and public speaker and have developed a wide variety of resources to educate and empower you to take manage your family's health naturally.  These resources are available in a variety of formats. 

INVITE me to give a LIVE health presentation to your group!


Find out about seminars and workshops I will be offering, celebrations I will be hosting, and other holistic events on my calendar!

FREE eResources:

 A variety of FREE electronic resources to give you hope, inspiration and empowerment to use natural alternatives in order to improve your health immediately, avoid preventable illnesses, and secure long-term wellness and vitality.

Healthy Recipes:

Quite often my clients need to make short-term dietary or long-term lifestyle changes. I have compiled the Healthy Alternatives Cookbook to give clients ideas about what they can eat in place of the foods that stress their bodies.  Websites are listed to learn how to make your own cultured or fermented foods as well.

This page also will tell you about how to make your own all-natural cleaning products for the home, plus resources for making your own natural personal care products.

Finally, learn how to create a pharmaceutical-free Herbal Medicine Chest or First Aid Kit and find recipes for making your own Homemade Herbal Remedies, including tintures, extracts, salves, etc.

New Vitality News Archives:

 Look back through past newsletters for even more educational materials and special offers.

Local Holistic Resources: 

A list of reputable and trusted wellness partners in the Northern Colorado region that I recommend to my clients:

  • holistic integrative medical doctors
  • family doctors
  • chiropractors
  • dentists
  • hormone therapists
  • thermograms
  • massage therapists
  • acupuncturists
  • counselors
  • fitness experts
Natural Health Websites: 

My philosophies about health come from the research and experience of experts in the field of natural medicine and alternative therapies.


I host a monthly radio show targeted toward women on KHNC 1360AM.  The "New Vitality Show" on the Healthy Nature Hour airs on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  View recordings of my show at this link.