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"Julify" Me: Aztec Chia Pudding

mexican chocolate chia pudding
Chia Pods

   So, I have this friend named May Davies who pretty much speaks another language, and it totally cracks me up! (I love ya, May!) I like being with her just to get a good chuckle, which negates the notion that my children have about me not laughing enough (at least not at the things that they find humorous-- you know, bodily function humor is what makes them laugh. And I have been there and done that already. Plus my humor is really dry-- think Dr. Michael Dobbins-- ROFL!-- by the way, one reason that I use ZYTO Biofeedback in my practice is to avoid the bias with muscle testing tha...

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The Thanksgiving "Test Kitchen"

Thanksgiving test kitchen
pecan pie
pumpkin pie

  The Thanksgiving "Test Kitchen" With both sides of our family being local, Thanksgiving is usually a large family affair with cousins, in-laws, aunts, uncles, grandparents and grandkids. And my husband and I are the common thread between all of our relatives, so Thanksgiving is usually at our house. While I love to indulge in all of the typical foods served at Thanksgiving, I get bored with the “same old, same-old,” so I will try out new recipes that add a twist to the traditional fare, and our extended family has become the “guinea pigs” for all of my experimentation with food....

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Avoiding New Year Bugs

coconut macaroons1

Why is it that flu season hits every year around January & February?   Holistic practitioners blame sugar.  Afterall, only one teaspoon of sugar can depress your immune system for up to 8 hours, and it is consumed in mass quantities during the holidays, probably compromising our defenses for weeks at a time!  We all enter the New Year run-down and ripe for outside invaders to strike!  We've all done it-- overdone it on sugar!   So, in an effort to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong this season, make a pre-New Year's resolution to limit your sugar intak...

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What Causes Kidney Stones?

kidney stones

A friend recently asked me,"What causes kidney stones?" I thought you might be interested in the answer, so I decided to blog about it this month. Hope it can help someone today! Kidney stones are made from calcium being out of solution in the body. This happens when pH is acid and body has to pull calcium from bones to buffer these acids, then they are deposited in our kidneys.....lovely, huh? This is the same way that arthritis and gout occur. So, the solution is to balance your pH, which should be slightly acidic: urine 6.0-7.0 and saliva 6.5. Contact me to order your own pH test kit for $1...

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