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Allergies? Your Liver’s Talking to You!

allergiesAllergy season is here in full force with pollens and dust blowing every which way, which can make life simply miserable for many people in Colorado, and this spring seems to be quite intense for many people! But if you do suffer from seasonal allergies, or even food allergies, you will benefit from what I am about to share with you.

Have you ever heard of Yakriton? It is a Japanese word since this compound was discovered in Japan nearly 100 years ago during the 1920s. What is Yakriton? Well, in simple terms, it is an extract derived from cow liver fat. Sounds gross, huh? But you must remember that allergic reactions are tied to the liver, and if the liver is congested or not properly filtering toxins, then allergies abound! Whether it be hives, itching eyes, runny nose, anaphylaxis, or skin irritations… the liver is talking! In fact, if the liver is weak, then the whole person is weakened as well. And there is a healing principle that “like cures like.” So, the liver of a cow benefits the liver of a human. But then again, we don’t eat animal organs anymore, do we? They smell and taste yucky, and it seems somewhat primitive to eat them! Well think again!

Yakriton has been shown to help maintain a healthy liver by enhancing blood-filtering capabilities. Combined with a liver cleansing formula, such as one that contains Red Beet Root or any of the “dock” roots (Burdock, Yellow Dock, etc.), the two products work together to create a PRE-histamine reaction in the body, thus proactively promoting an anti-histamine response.   Small, regular doses throughout the day have relieved many a seasonal allergy sufferer, and chewing several beef liver fat extract tablets for acute flare-ups has provided immediate relief to many who would otherwise have to use an epipen or rush off to the hospital for anaphylactic shock.

The action of these nutritional supplements can be enhanced by maintaining proper acidity in the gut-- yes, I said “acidity,” because contrary to most modern, alternative teaching, an acid pH is actually a positive environment for most bodily systems, and excess alkalinity is a breeding ground for pathogens which are also alkaline in nature. An ideal stomach pH is 1.0-3.0, and that for the gut is 6.2. The problem is when body tissues become overly acidic or if the blood pH is above or below 7.38. The key is BALANCE-- not too acidic, and not too alkaline for any given system.

So, put this all together to minimize and even eliminate your discomfort during allergy season. Follow these SIX simple recommendations:

  1. Cleanse & Detox seasonally (4 times a year, between the change from one season to another). Check out this helpful FREE eResource for more information. For even more helpful information about cleansing and detoxification, download my eBook: “A Clean House: The Principles of Cleansing & Detox.” I call it this because keeping your body clean is just like keeping house. In the same way that a clean house is a healthy house, a clean body is a healthy body!
  2. Maintain a smoothly running liver by supplementing with bile-stimulating root herbs such as Yellow Dock, Burdock, Red Beet, Dandelion, Horseradish, Barberry Root Bark, and Angelica. Or use a combination herb that contains Blessed Thistle, Milk Thistle, Goldenrod, Parsley and Horsetail. If you are interested in Chinese herbs, check out Buplerurm Root, Peony Root, Zhishi Fruit, Fushen Sclerotium, and Atractylodes Rhizome….and of course, don’t forget Ginseng Root, Ginger Rhizome, and Licorice Root-- three catalysts in Chinese formulas that boost the performance of herbal combinations!
  3. Use a PRO-histamine containing Yakriton, such as Antronex by Standard Process (only available through a qualified healthcare practitioner). This month, I am running a special for 20% off an allergy duo from Standard Process, including Antronex & Betafood
  4. Use a nasal rinse on a daily basis to clean out mucous in the sinuses which may contain pollens and other irritants.
  5. If you do end up being hit with allergies, and even worse a secondary infection, such as a sinusitis, from the irritation of pollens and other environtmental irritants, try this recipe for a powerful homemade remedy: Pau d'Arco Tincture.  If you are visual person, watch this tutorial video for simple instructions.
  6. Also, check out this testimonial video about how the Light Beam Generator can help to reduce inflammation and encourage sinus drainage. 


 Tired of suffering?  You don't have to!  Contact me today, and experience relief!

L’chaim-- To Life!


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